Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Facebook killed the blog.

So, I realize in the past year that important moments, both big and small, have passed by without any record! Though it is fun to connect with people on Facebook, I am stepping away from FB a bit and returning to my blog. I love this little patch of my world where I can record the things that matter most to me and share them with the people who matter most to me. Thanks for taking the time to catch up with the Hill family.

Obviously the most important event of the past year was our sweet Ava Caroline.
(Ava with Grandpa Schroeder. Ava is named for my mom, Carolyn, who loved babies most of all.)

She's now 10 months and such a good baby! She's the first baby I have been able to just lay down in the crib -- AND SHE FALLS ASLEEP!! Cash says he really likes the 2009 model. Unfortunately, for Spencer the first baby (the 1999 model) is sort of like the first pancake -- a little trial and error. We love having her in our family.

This year, Cash's grandad, Rex Ford Smith, passed away. He was the patriarch of Cash's family for so many years. He was a kind, strong man who led by example. He is certainly missed, but we are sure that he is happy and rejoicing with those he loves.
Cash, Ava, and Grandad SmithAt Grandad's funeral in Weiser, Idaho. All the boys are wearing the "Ford Waterfall" in honor of how grandad used to wear his tie. He always looked so stylish. Cash has inherited Grandad's love of cuff links. For valentine's day he got some "propellor" cuff links that look just like a boat propellor. He was pleased.

So, spring is here again and that means so many great things: baseball, gardening, shorts, flip flops, rain, otter pops, the lake, and daffodils. Unfortunately we have to know the bitter to know the sweet. So we're weeding, laying black plastic, pulling out dead trees, spring cleaning, and getting back on the proverbial treadmill in my annual effort to get ready for swim suit season. Uggh. But, we are so blessed. Our family is healthy, we have good jobs, our kids are happy, we love our ward, we enjoy our callings, and the Cubs are having a great season (the Vallivue Babe Ruth Cubs, that is).

Once again Spring has breathed new life -- the Blog is back! :)


Tim, Cathy, etc... said...

Maris--Hooray for blogging again! I have really come to love it and rarely put pics on F/B anymore. It's a great way to "scrapbook" w/o the mess and it takes WAY less time. :)

Trish said...

Woop! You're back!

J+S said...

Hooray! You updated. Ava is so beautiful.


ek said...

oh my goodness...you better keep your word. I want to see some regular posts! That baby Ava is to die for and I never tire of Cash's analogies. Too funny. Lataun

Alisa said...

YAY! I'm so glad you're back! I've missed having you on here!!