Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We are going to KOREA!!!

Over 30 years ago, a scrawny, little baby arrived in Los Angeles from an orphanage in Seoul.

First meeting for mom, dad, and daughter

I am so grateful for two incredible parents who adopted a little girl, 18 months (give or take a few months!) from Korea. I couldn't walk, couldn't talk, didn't have any teeth, and as my dad likes to remind me, brought a few lice and scabies with me.

Anyhow, this summer we have an amazing opportunity to return to where it all began! I am excited, nervous, overwhelmed. After we first talked about going it was a little bit emotional for me! Plus, for those who don't know, Cash served a mission for our church in Korea, so he is really excited to get to go back. He's already brushing up on his Korean and I've found old adoption records. And no, I don't really want to find my parents. But, we do want to return to my orphanage (which Cash has been to!) and visit there, take gifts, and I don't know, probably cry out of gratitude.

We are going with a class that's being offered at BSU -- two weeks in Korea! We'll sign up for the class as students, but because we're faculty we'll be able to go and explore on our own. It's an amazing opportunity -- we only have to pay for our airfare over and the host university will house and feed us! Koreans are very gracious hosts. We'll take baby Ava with us, but the big kids will stay with Grammy and cousins. (Thank you!)

My naturalization record

We go at the end of June. I am so excited to be able to return to my "homeland." We'll keep you updated!


Katie said...

awesome! that will be such a neat trip! And you were such a cute baby...

J+S said...

This is such an amazing opportunity. How exciting. I bet you can't wait. :)


Kate said...

Wow! That is so awesome that you get to go back with Cash!! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back :)

Stacy said...

That is so awesome! What an exciting opportunity!

The Hills said...

ya know...most days I forget that you're from Korea (that is until I see your tiny stellar calves and then I remember)! I loved the photo and documentation, kinda made me get excess water in my eyes with the realization that you'll be able to see another whole world that you belong to. I'm so excited for you guys! Love, Maren