Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Book

I'm really excited! I just got this book in the mail today:

I pre-ordered from Amazon about a month ago and forgot all about it. It was like a little surprise today in the mail! :)

I was a little wary at first; what in the world could 1) be made in under 200 calories and 2) not taste like cardboard? I've checked out a lot of the recipes and they actually look good! There's lots of good substitution tips that I'm excited to try. I'm certain I don't have the willpower to only eat one serving, so my book should actually be titled 200 recipes under 400 calories, but "tomato/tomatuh."

I'll post some of my favorites. I am a Hungry Girl.


J+S said...

I am completely certain we are soul mates. I totally need a book like this, and I'm anxious for your reviews and recipes!

Lauralee said...

Just last month a friend told me about Hungry Girl and I visited her the website. Super fun. As a result I tried her mint oreo shake which is based on one from Carl's Junior and I can't remember what she calls it. I had just shared an 800 calorie Shamrock shake from McDonald's with Topher and there was definitely a difference in creaminess but hey, I'm just excited that I can make and drink a milkshake and still feel like I'm a healthy eater. If you haven't seen the website, have a look. You'll like it.

Jared and Maren said...

I'm in love...since I have exactly 4 months to look like I'm nineteen again, I have a feeling this book and I will be fast friends.

The Legg Fam said...

Hope you eill share some of the good recipes with all of us.
Yhanks for coming to the concert. Hope you like it.