Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So, when Cash saw that I was putting our blog site on our picture cards, in the nicest way possible, he suggested that if we were giving out our blog, perhaps we ought to update. As usual, he has a point. darn it.

It was a good push to update on all that's been happening. Here's some highlights:

1. Ava started nursery!!! This is definitely a #1 highlight for any of you who have had to endure through the 3 hour Sunday services from the comfort of the hallway with a 14-18 month old.

2. We enjoyed watching BSU football; granted there was that "little heartbreaker" in Reno, but we're surviving. In fact, Cash is surviving well enough that he's driving to Las Vegas for the bowl game at this very moment.

3. Spencer turned 11! I can't believe it; he started boy scouts, had Priesthood Preview, and got to watch "the video" at school. He loved two of the three.

4. The fifth annual Halloween Party was a blast -- the literature theme sparked lots of fun, and original costumes. (pictures posted later)
For the ward Halloween party we went as Carl, Russell, and Doug from Up.
(unfortunately you can't see the tennis balls on the bottom of Cash's walker)

5. We enjoyed Thanksgiving in Burley with my brother and sister's families. We are thankful for our many, many blessings.

I've got some pictures of our Christmas activities I will post soon.

Merry Christmas
May you draw closer to the Savior as you celebrate his birth.Scene of Peace, Rebrandt van Rijn

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Denise said...

I am honored to be the first to comment! This is Denise Christiansen, Bob's wife. We got your cute card today and I think it was brilliant to put your blog addy on there!!:) thank you!
we want thank you for thinking of us and wish you a very Merry Christmas! You all look so cute in your clever Halloween costumes. I love the movie UP! I just watched it last week so that was so fun seeing you guys in those roles:0
Your family is growing up so fast! Sounds like you are doing good things. Have fun!