Thursday, June 24, 2010

Full Circle

So, we are getting so excited for our trip to Korea! It's only a couple of days away. We're staying with the host university in a town called Jeonju. Neither one of us had ever heard of it.

A few weeks ago I called the adoption agency (Holt International) and asked if we could find some information about where I was from, my orphanage, and any other details. The lady told me that the process can take a long time and that many of the orphanages aren't even around any more. So, I told her I'd be happy with what ever she could find. A few days later (little miracle!) she emailed me and told me that the orphanage I lived in was Jeonju Baby House!! (formerly Bisabel Baby House -- the picture is a random picture of Jeonju, not the baby house) So, we will be staying two weeks in this same town! Our contact in Jeonju is setting up a meeting and everything. We've gathered children's books, clothes, and toys to take. I'm feeling so excited and grateful that I have the opportunity to go back. We'll post updates, probably through Facebook while we're gone.


Calise said...

So amazing- what a miracle :)

What a fun trip! And seriously- we want your kids!! :)

taffi said...

That is seriously so awesome.

The Hills said...

Coincidence...I think not! That is so amazing, can't wait to hear about the whole trip